Support World AIDS Day: Constellation and (RED) present The Carrier

By Maggie Betts, Director, The Carrier 
The idea behind World AIDS Day is as simple and straight-forward as it is so extraordinarily inspiring.  Held on the first of December each year, it is a unique opportunity for people all across the globe to stand together and lend their support in the fight against this ongoing epidemic, as well as pay tribute to the some 30 million people whom the world has already lost and all their cherished memories. For myself and my amazing colleagues at both (RED) and Constellation, we also knew that we wanted to do something quite special and meaningful on this particular World AIDS Day 2011 -I know I speak for us all when I say that there’s never been a more exciting time to actively engage with the symbolic message of the day, nor has there ever been as much momentum as there truly is right now, to create a new AIDS Free Generation by 2015 globally.

As many may know, my film THE CARRIER , which will be playing in two one night only showings on with proceeds going to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa, also tells a very simple and poignant story. It is the story of one helplessly determined and HIV positive woman, living in the middle of rural Zambia, who becomes pregnant and will do literally anything to protect her baby from AIDS. At the same time it’s also meant to be a metaphor for all the extraordinary potential we now hold, to achieve an AIDS Free world for all our children. So I hope that everyone who reads this blog might take a moment click here and purchase a $6.99 ticket to watch THE CARRIER on December 1st (Watch trailer here). I also hope you’ll join us in celebrating this truly inspiring moment by supporting (RED)’s current campaign that focuses on virtually eliminating the transmission of HIV from moms to their babies by 2015.

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