Did you know that Director Mike Mills is also a favorite graphic designer for the Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth?

Did you know that Director Mike Mills is also a favorite graphic designer for the Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth?


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This film taught me how to watch Mulholland Drive … which is to say, if you stay with the mood, without fighting it, your intuition will serve you far better than the plot and structure and logic your brain is craving. Because essentially all stories are simple; what isn’t simple is the underneath of it all. And that’s more rewarding in the end.

Allison Anders on Carnival of Souls

Alison Anders live Q&A www.constellation.tv/borderradio

Passion for Music

Check out this article about Jason Crigler, the subject of a powerful documentary by Eric Daniel Metzgar, chronicling Jason’s spirit defining tale of bouncing back from a stroke that almost took him off the stage for good.


Last Minute Halloween Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costume

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At last, a true Halloween story.

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Being Elmo, A Documentary on Sesame Street Puppeteer Kevin Clash